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Our Story

Association for the Defense of the Environment and Development or ” A.D.A.D ” is an NGO with legal personality, created in 1991 in the city of Praia, island of Santiago, Republic of Cape Verde, and published in Official Bulletin No. 17, of April 26, 1993.

Its main objective is to raise public awareness of the environmental problems both on land and in the sea, as well as such as carrying out actions that aim to contribute to the development of country, namely with regard to the Fight Against Poverty process and Social Exclusion.

Our Mission & Approach

A strong and attractive organization at the forefront of reflection and action capable of reconciling environment and development and of benefit from the trust of local, national and international actors for a better world.

Our mission is to “Promote the promotion of an environment healthy and raising public awareness of the problems environmental both in land space and in maritime space, as well as the realization of actions that aim to contribute to the development of the country, in particular with regard to combat poverty, desertification and social exclusion”.





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