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We work with communities, NGOs and community associations, state institutions (INGT, DNA, DGASP, DGPOG, DGRM ….), Private sector (Hotels, companies …), Parliamentarians, and Network of Journalists for the Environment, Embassies, schools (primary and secondary) and Universities

PRISE (2018- 2022)

Reducing the Impacts of Infrastructure on Coastal Ecosystems

FiTI (2018 – (on going)

Sustainable fisheries need transparency !

ResilienSEA (2021-2022)

Reinforces knowledge about seagrass meadows in africa

ByCatch (2022)

minimize by-catches of seabirds and sea turtles in industrial fishing fleets

Small Pelagics (2022)

sustainable management of small pelagics and critical sites

Captain Fanplastic

Environmental Literacy Program

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